Baby Sleep 101 Success Stories


 “Our Life Changed For The Better”

Thirteen month old transition from co-sleeping and nursing to sleep, to independent sleeper.

I began co-sleeping with our daughter around the age of three months. I knew our daughter needed to make the transition into her crib but I struggled with finding the courage to go through with the process.

When she was thirteen months old, I was five months pregnant and I knew we were slowly running out of time to make the transition before our second child arrived. I was also breastfeeding our daughter to sleep each time she awoke so that was another sleep association that needed to be weaned.

When I knew it was time to make a change, I reached out to a couple of friends for advice and they both highly recommended Joleen as a sleep consultant. I contacted her and from that moment on, our life changed for the better.

As we needed help with crib training for naps and night sleeping, weaning off of the breast and training our daughter to sleep through the night, we chose the Deluxe Sleep Consultation package for Toddlers. It provided us with ample support through phone calls and emails so we never felt that we were facing the transitions alone.

The regular communication allowed for tweaking our plan as we went and reassurance that we were on the right track. Joleen also provided emotional support during the transitions which was extremely beneficial as at times it was harder on me than my daughter!

It has been less than one month since we began with Joleen and we are on night seven of our daughter sleeping through the night, in her crib, without the need to breast feed. The change has been wonderful for all of us as now we are all getting the sleep we need!

Thank you Joleen for helping us make such an invaluable change.

The Dumonds


“One Night of Sleep Training and Our Lives Transformed!”

I remember when our son was a couple of weeks old asking the pediatrician if something was wrong because he was constantly sleeping. By the time he was six weeks old he had figured out his nights and was letting us sleep 5-6 hour long stretches. We hit the baby jackpot! Or so we thought.

You never truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone though.

Through a series of unfortunate events around 4 months that included colds and teething and time change, we found ourselves in a never ending 45 minute nap and sleep cycle.  I came to dread nighttime. I would find myself in near tears, wondering why even bother trying to get to sleep myself, if he was just going to get up in 45 minutes anyway? We would have to rock and sing and cuddle him to sleep, and it seemed we would need to do it for longer and longer, all for a 45 minute payoff.
We were all suffering, desperate and exhausted.

We decided he was now 6 months old and it was time to do something about it. We emailed Joleen at Baby Sleep 101. She seemed patient, understanding and knowledgeable, just what we needed. We were finally hopeful again. We couldn’t wait to begin.

After a couple of days of routine changes, we noticed a difference. One night of sleep training and our lives seemed transformed! He got sick during the training process and he still slept through the night! We never thought that would be possible.

It’s amazing how much can change in 3 weeks. We were in emotional turmoil when we contacted Joleen. And now, we’re happy, well rested and enjoy each other’s company. But  most importantly, our baby is thriving. We wish we hadn’t waited as long to get help. We could not recommend Joleen enough!

Angela and Donovan, Wpg, MB

“We Began to See Progress Almost Immediately. “

We were having lots of trouble with our daughter’s sleep and it was really affecting our whole family. Before she was three months, she napped well, and was sleeping reasonably well at night, waking once or twice to feed. However, she was an early teether and cut her first two teeth at 3 1/2 months.  This started a very unpredictable routine with her bedtime and night wakings, and we were all exhausted.

During this time, her naps also shortened to 25-30 minutes at a time.  I was on edge every evening about how the night would go, and this led to my own battle with insomnia even when she was finally sleeping.  I was feeling desperate and often so exhausted that I didn’t know how I would get through the day. I was also resorting to driving her in the car or pulling her around the yard in her sleigh as these were the only ways she would nap for over 30 minutes at a time, so I was never getting any rest even when she was sleeping.  My husband and I were having regular arguments about almost everything because we were so exhausted. A couple of weeks before we ended up contacting Joleen, we had 5 terrible nights in a row, and the fifth night she got to the point where she was waking every 45 minutes.  We all slept for only about an hour that night and I was so desperate and exhausted that I made my husband stay home from work.  I knew this wasn’t sustainable.

During this time, I also almost had an accident while driving my daughter to her doctor’s appointment in Winnipeg and it really scared me.  I was paying attention but so exhausted that I hadn’t noticed something I should have.  It’s a terrible feeling to be so mentally and physically drained that you can’t trust yourself and your judgement anymore. To top it off, her naps only seemed to get worse.  The day before we contacted Joleen, I tried for an hour to get her to nap.  She finally fell asleep, and I breathed a sigh of relief and changed into my exercise clothes to attempt a quick walk on the treadmill.  I couldn’t believe it when she woke up after only 14 minutes!  That was it, I had hit my breaking point.

However, I must confess that I was still hesitant about spending the money when I wasn’t sure the process would work for us.  A very wise friend pointed out to me that I had spent the same amount of money on her three month photo shoot!  When I confessed I had spent more on the pictures, I got the point – this was an important investment in our family’s health and I had to try it.  My sister supported our decision as well, pointing out that all we had to lose was sleep (which we already had!)

Getting in touch with Joleen was one of the very best decisions we have made.

I was actually very nervous once I had completed the intake form and shared all the details of how off the rails our routine had gone.  But after we spoke with Joleen for our first consultation, I was extremely relieved.  She gave us advice right away, and made us feel like we were making lots of good choices with her sleeping but that we needed to tweak her schedule.

We began to see progress almost immediately.

By the fourth day, her naps began to lengthen and her night sleep settled down so that she was peacefully sleeping 10-12 hours at night.  I hadn’t realized how tense I was every evening until she was consistently sleeping and I finally began to relax and get some sleep myself. We chose the Deluxe package and we would highly recommend it.  What a difference those three weeks made!  During that time, Joleen shared her experience and advice regularly via phone calls and e-mails.  She has given us the tools we need to be able to properly adjust our daughter’s schedule so she is getting the rest she needs, which means we are too. My husband and I now have time to spend together in the evenings as well, and our relationship has improved.  It has really been worth so much more than the price of the package!  Joleen’s advice and expertise is worth every penny.

Not only is she very knowledgeable but also very easy to talk to about any difficulties that arise during the process.  I had tried to sort my way through different sleep training books and websites, but I found I was left feeling more confused at times with all the conflicting theories and advice. Joleen breaks through all that for you and creates a plan that your family is comfortable with, using methods that make sense for you and your child.  She was also able to help me feel less guilty about letting my daughter cry – which we quickly realized was better for her than doing the timed checks.  The whole process isn’t always easy but having Joleen’s support and guidance is invaluable.  Think of it as an investment in your family, and then the cost will seem a small price to pay!

Lindsay and Chad, Wpg, MB

“We Could Not Have Done it Without Your Assistance!”

We would like to sincerely thank you for sharing your expertise with us, and for your guidance and support during the sleep training process.

We don’t even want to imagine where we’d be if we hadn’t “met” you. We were really scared that A’s health was in danger from her lack of sleep, and not getting answers from doctors or other health care professionals made us feel truly hopeless.

We can’t tell you how relieved we are that A. is sleeping and getting back on to track to being a healthy baby.

We could not have done it without your assistance. While sleep training information and advice is readily available in books and online, being able to speak with an expert on a regular basis and sharing and discussing the different scenarios that arose, gave us the confidence to continue.

We were happy to report the update to A’s doctor. We passed on your name and website information to him.

Thank you again!

A & C, Wpg, MB

“We Could Not Be Happier With The Result!”

Our 4 year old adopted son could not fall asleep independently, had difficulty falling asleep and multiple night wakings.

We were all tired, and my husband and I would take turns looking after him so at least one of us could get sleep at night.

Joleen gave us the tools to change his sleep habits. Our son can now fall asleep on his own and is starting to sleep through the night consistently.

We are all getting more sleep! We could not be happier with the result!

Thanks Joleen!


separator-pink“By Night Three, We Were Seeing Progress!”

I started looking in to a sleep consultant for my 14 month old.

He would go to bed and naps just fine, but he was waking 3-6 times a night, and because I have a 2 year old, I was running to him at the first peep, and putting a bottle in his mouth, or taking him downstairs to keep the house from waking.

I hit my wall when my husband and I were fighting in the middle of the night because we were both so mentally and physically exhausted.

I got funny looks from friends and family when I told them I was getting a sleep consultant. I was told “it’s just a phase”, “it’s not that bad”, and all other kinds of comments. The truth was, he had never slept through the night, and it was that bad, it was affecting our family in a very negative way.

Once we started our program, the first few nights were long. But literally, by night three, we were seeing progress. And by day 5, even my daycare noticed a huge difference in him. He was eating anything we put in front of him. We didn’t realize he wasn’t always happy, until we saw how truly happy he was becoming! Plus, the bottles were gone, and he wasn’t even looking for them. I haven’t went in to his room since night four!!!

Joleen was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was supportive, she was honest, and most importantly, she was encouraging. It became about my son, about letting him make these accomplishments.
Thank you so much, Joleen!

From a very happy and sleep restored family
Kristi P., Saskatchewan

“We Have Our Evenings and Our Bed Back!”

Both Riley and I want to thank you very much for your help. E’s sleep has improved so much in such a short time, and Riley and I actually have our evenings and our bed back!!!! I have recommended you to a few people already and will definitely continue to do so!”

Riley and Tara, Winnipeg, MB

“We Saw Changes Within the First Few Nights!”

I was having a tough time adjusting to having a newborn as a first time mom. The sleep deprivation had to be the worst.

My son never slept more than two hours at a time- which I thought would pass and get better once he turned three months. Well-meaning family and friends said it will get better and he will learn to sleep on his own. So I chose to co-sleep with him since I felt it was easier for both of us.

Every day I got up completely exhausted from the night before and could barely function during the day because I was so tired. There was no improvement as time went by and instead got even worse when he turned 4 months.

He was no longer sleeping more than forty-five minutes at a time and what worked before to get him to bed and to nap (rocking, bouncing) was not working anymore. At night, he was waking at least 5-6 times.  He was constantly irritable and when he was awake he cried inconsolably for hours at a time. There was no predictability to his day. I felt terrible that he got to be such chronically overtired and he wasn’t getting the sleep that he needed (and neither were we!).

So my husband and I decided to consult Joleen for help after reading her articles on her website. After talking with us, Joleen identified our issues and made a sleeping plan to help us achieve our goals for our son. She implemented a schedule for both bedtime and naps and helped him transition into his own crib (and might I add-in his own room!)

It was definitely not easy to hear our son cry, but we stuck to the plan and we were consistent. We saw changes within the first few nights- we were ecstatic he was sleeping at night for 11-12 hours and only waking once or twice to feed (now, sometimes he doesn’t get up to feed anymore!). He wakes up in a much happier mood, is feeding much better, and no longer irritable. He also naps on his own in his crib and when he is awake, he appears so well rested.

We really want to thank Joleen for helping not just our son sleep better, but our whole family sleep better. We understand sleep a whole lot more and we are so grateful my son has learned the skill of sleeping on his own. I don’t think we could have done it without her support and encouragement. She was always there to answer all our questions and concerns.

Our son is so much happier and we enjoy seeing him every morning because we have the energy to play with him! Thank you again for everything- if we ever come across bumps down the road and we need help, we will definitely be contacting Joleen again!

From a very happy and well rested family, Calgary, Alberta

“I Feel Like I’ve Finally Gotten to Know my Daughter”

When I told people that I was hiring a sleep expert to help with my 5 month old’s sleep issues, I got a lot of funny looks. Several people said things like “why don’t you just buy a book on baby sleep” or ” just go on the internet”.

My first thoughts when I heard these statements were:

1.How am I supposed to read a book on anything when my daughter only sleeps for 40 minutes at a time.
2. How am I supposed to sort through thousands of posts on the Internet when I also have to complete the many tasks that need doing when she finally does fall asleep for 40 min. I.e: do the dishes, cook dinner, do laundry, eat.

Friends and family were trying to convince me that I could do this myself and although I am a capable and accomplished person in my life, I knew nothing about baby sleep and I knew even less about how to devise a sleep plan.

That’s what Joleen does for her clients. She takes the guess work out of sleep training and clarifies the foggy world of baby sleep theories, opinions and methods. She’s realistic about what it takes and she sticks with you every step of the way. After a challenging 3 weeks with Joleen my daughter is sleeping all night long and taking 2 solid naps a day.

I feel like I’ve finally gotten to know my daughter.

It’s difficult to connect with a child who is constantly irritable because she’s overtired, but now my daughter only cries when she truly needs something.

I have also reconnected with my husband because we can actually spend time together while our daughter gets the sleep she needs, in her own bed, I might add.

If you are feeling hopeless, powerless, confused and just plain tired I urge you to just spend the money. You and your family will not regret it.

Susanna and Ted, Toronto, ON

“We Saw A Complete Transformation in our Son!”

When our second child was born my husband and I thought that since our daughter was such a great sleeper we would do all the same things we did with her and we wouldn’t have any problems with sleep. Were we ever wrong…

My husband and I contacted Joleen when our son was 5 month old after a month of consistent 30-45 minute naps and several night wakings at night.

In the beginning, we told ourselves that it was just the 4 month sleep regression and he’ll get over it. We also had friends and family telling us things like “some babies just don’t sleep” or “It’s just a phase, give it a week or two and it will get better”.
Instead of getting better, it got worse. Our lives were so disorganized and we literally felt like we were spiraling out of control. We felt like zombies everyday and our family life was suffering because of it. I began searching for any sort of help to get us through this and then someone told me about Baby Sleep 101 and Joleen.

After our first talk with Joleen I felt relieved that we would have a plan to follow that was customized to our situation. She worked with us to determine our comfort level in every aspect of the plan.

I truly felt like we found someone that would take our hand and guide us in the right direction.

When we started our sleep plan we noticed a change within the first couple of days. It was amazing! Working with Joleen over the next few weeks we saw a complete transformation in our son. Not only was he sleeping great but he’s so much more happy! We feel like we have some routine to our lives again.

As I write this, my son is going on his second 1 1/2 hour nap of the day and he slept 12 hours straight last night. There is hope!

T & P., MB

“I Feel Much More Confident as a Mother”

I decided to contact Joleen when my son was almost 4 months old. My son had never been a good sleeper from the beginning and I was trying my best to function after never having had a proper night’s sleep since before his birth.

I was co-sleeping on the floor with him in order to get as much sleep as I could but he was waking constantly throughout the night and always needed to be rocked or breastfed back to sleep.

His naps were inconsistent and we were relying heavily on a swing and bouncy chair and rocking chair to get him to sleep for naps and bedtime. My entire day was either feeding him or rocking him to sleep.

When he would sleep it was only for 30-45 mins and then he went through a growth spurt/sleep regression and he wouldn’t stay asleep longer than 20 mins. It’s safe to say my evenings were non existent to spend time with my husband and the only time I got to take for myself was when he came home from work and he could take over the rocking.

We were not in a good place.

I was adamant that this was likely what every parent was dealing with at this stage of their babies’ life and we just had to truck on a deal with it and hope it got better, but it was only getting worse!

I would wake up every morning and feel dizzy from the lack of sleep and I was even afraid to drive anywhere because I didn’t trust myself to not doze off at the wheel. My son didn’t have any problems with colic and he wasn’t a big crier but you could tell he was just so overtired that he would have big meltdowns that would come out of nowhere.

After speaking with Joleen she was quick to put us on a schedule for naps and bedtime and helped us to get him into the crib. At first it was very hard to hear him cry and after the first couple days I almost wanted to give up, but I knew that things had to change for us and I knew it would take a lot of time and effort for the changes to solidify. After all his first few months of life had already been a certain way and it would take a lot of patience to uproot those habits.

After our 3 weeks of working with Joleen through email and phone calls, we now have a very clear schedule for naps and my son sleeps in his crib from 5:30 pm until 7 am with 2 night feeds!

We are so much happier, well rested and happy go lucky! I feel much more confident as a mother and I am so thankful to have had Joleen to guide me through this! Joleen is a very professional, kind and compassionate woman to go out of her way to help so many struggling parents. She really takes the time to identify the issues you are having and offers all kinds of helpful solutions. She was also very patient and responded very promptly to her emails! My husband and I have already recommended her to many of our friends who are struggling with their children’s sleep issues. Thank you for everything Joleen, you have really changed our lives and we are so grateful!!!

Caitlin and James P., Winnipeg

“Joleen Really Changed Our Lives”

Prior to meeting with her, we were really struggling.

My husband and I were both back at work not long after our baby was born. We had no structure for naps and would spend our evenings with our crying baby trying to put her to bed for hours on end. By the time she finally fell asleep, we would all be exhausted and cranky. We read every sleep book we could get our hands on, but became extremely frustrated that our baby had not also read the books. She did not do what the books said she should and we all became more stressed as a result.

Working with Joleen, we learned that we were not implementing sleep training practices in a consistent manner. We were keeping our baby up way too late, expecting her to nap on the go, and then wondering why she wouldn’t settle at night. Knowing that Joleen would be phoning or emailing at a certain time motivated us to stay on track. She held us accountable, and every time our baby had a bad day, it was clear that it was cause and effect of us not sticking to the plan.

Before meeting Joleen, our daughter would fight going to sleep and we would often give up and let her stay awake, only compounding the problem. We would spend hours rocking, bouncing, shushing, and becoming more discouraged.

After working with Joleen, our daughter falls asleep on her own in her crib with minimal fussing, and sleeps 11 hours a night, only waking up once to eat. She naps on average 4-5 hours a day, is eating better, and is happier than she has ever been.

I thought not sleeping through the night and being exhausted all day was something I could manage as long as my daughter was held and loved at night, if that is what she needed. I now see that by not teaching her how to sleep in her crib on her own, I was doing my daughter a huge disservice. She was crying all night because she was overtired and overstimulated, not because she wanted to sleep on me while I sat up in the rocking chair (for 4 months!!). If you are struggling, call Joleen. She is kind, warm, supportive, structured and will hold you accountable. You won’t regret it.

Happy Parents,Toronto, Ontario

“Joleen’s Expertise in Guiding Us Was Well Beyond Anything We Could’ve Done Ourselves”

Our 7 month old son had been a great sleeper until he caught his first cold while getting his 2 first teeth!  After that, he was awake every 2 hours after 10:30pm, requiring to be nursed to settle back to sleep.  We thought the problem would resolve itself, but after a few weeks of persisting problems, and fighting illness ourselves due to lack of sleep, we decided to get a sleep plan.

Joleen did an amazing job understanding all of the issues with our son’s sleep – the phone call consultation was very thorough and we really appreciated how much she delved into how comfortable we were with different methods of sleep training.  She definitely kept our needs and comfort level first and foremost while designing the sleep plan for our son.

There were a few rocky nights but having Joleen to guide us through them was very helpful.  Our son’s sleep actually improved far more quickly than we anticipated and by the end of the sleep plan, we were just making small adjustments.  He is now taking 2 solid naps plus a short cat nap daily.  He is sleeping approximately 12 hours at night without waking to be fed.  I wouldn’t have believed it was possible a month ago!

Joleen’s expertise in guiding us was well beyond anything we could’ve done ourselves, despite having read various sleep books and websites.  It has made a HUGE improvement in our lives and I would recommend it to anyone that is frustrated with their child’s sleep.

2 Well-Rested Parents, Manitoba

“I’m Blown Away by the Results”

I never thought I’d be that mom who would seek the help of a baby sleep expert, but it has been worth every penny.

As a first time mom I really struggled with sleep exhaustion and the two to three wake ups my baby was having every night. At 4.5 months she was still feeding twice a night, but would still wake up outside of her feed times. Her naps were also lasting only 45 minutes. I was constantly worried about my baby being overtired by bedtime because of her short naps.

So I wanted a clear plan of action with support to carry it out. Joleen tweaked the areas in our schedule that were holding our daughter back from good naps. And after a couple days on our new schedule my daughter slept through the night without waking to feed!

She’s now sleeping 12 hours straight every night. I repeat: 12 hours straight! I’m still blown away by the results. For any parent wanting to establish a sleep routine and restful nights, I can’t recommend Joleen’s service enough.

Nicole Chipman, a now well-rested mom

“The Comfort of Knowing We Had Spoken to an Expert”

We weren’t sure if our little one was ready for any formal sleep training (she was) and we were hesitant because we felt that as parents we should be able to solve her sleeping difficulties on our own.

But now, not only are Garrett and I both aware of how important getting the right amount of sleep is for our daughter, but we now we see how well she does on an age appropriate sleep routine.

She no longer requires assistance to get to sleep. She does that on her own. She no longer requires a soother (halleluiah!), she naps well, she sleeps through the night and has done so EVERY night since we started her sleep training.

Garrett and I are able to have the evenings to ourselves. We are no longer dreading her bedtime as we know and she knows, exactly what to expect.

We are also able to get out with her and nap her in other locations. We know how to consistently respond should any sleeping difficulties arise. We’ve also come to really know our baby and how sensitive she is when she misses some sleep. Because she has been caught up on her sleep we are able to have some flexibility knowing that she will be fine catching up the following day if we venture out,- but also understanding the importance of allowing her to catch up.

It’s changed our lives and the way we think about sleep. We understand the importance of good sleep and share it with anyone who will listen J. We also direct everyone to your website.

I know we thought we knew what we needed to do to start sleep training, but we needed the comfort of knowing that we had spoken to an expert in the field, given her all of the details and she was coming up with the best plan for OUR child, as every child is different.   There is nothing that feels better than knowing that you are providing your child with the tools to begin a lifetime of great sleep habits.

Robin and Garrett

separator-pink“A Huge Improvement In Our Family’s Lives”

Our son is now able to put himself to sleep on his own, he was not able to do that before. He also sleeps through the night with only 1-2 wakings for feedings. Prior to this he was waking every 1-3 hours or more overnight.

We are all finally getting some much needed sleep and our son seems more rested and relaxed now that he’s getting in good hours of sleep at night and 2-3 good naps each day.

I would recommend this service to others as it has made a huge improvement in our family’s lives with allowing us all to get some rest and you can’t put a price on that.

C & C

“There has been a complete 180 from where we started!”

We were hesitant to hire Joleen as we were unsure if our son was too young for sleep training. However, the results have been pretty astounding! There has been a complete 180 from where we started.

Before working with Joleen, Bruno had no nap routine, nap lengths were unpredictable (mostly on the short side), he ate at different times every day, was up 3-4x/night to eat, he usually cried when he was up from his naps and was always ready to start his day at 4 or 4:30am.

All of that has changed!

Thanks to Joleen’s help, Bruno has a regular nap schedule, his naps have extended to 1-1.5 hrs each, he has a regular eating schedule which is how we were able to start him on solids (which Bruno is soooo happy about! He loves food!). He wakes up from his sleep talking to himself and is a happy little boy and he sleeps through the night. It is much more relaxing to have a structured predictable day as it makes it so much easier to plan to do things.

I have already encouraged others to use Joleen’s services. It was worth every penny and we can’t thank her enough for her help.  She is very good at what she does and I wish her many successful years ahead!

Kathy and Rob

“I can honestly say that it was the BEST money I have EVER spent!”

We recently used the services of Baby Sleep 101 and were extremely happy with the results.

Like many Moms I was skeptical that it would work for my daughter but was at my wits end and knew I needed to try something.  I had researched a lot about baby sleep online and had even tried many of the suggestions with my daughter with no results.

We had a referral in to see a pediatrician but the wait list to get in was 6 months to a year.  As our last option we decided to go ahead and spend the money on hiring Joleen as our sleep consultant.  It was a hard decision for us as it is a lot of money with no guarantees.

Now that we are done the sleep training I can honestly say that it was the BEST money I have EVER spent!

I didn’t believe in the cry it out method, especially because my daughter would get super upset and start sweating and hyperventilating.  With Joleen’s help we choose a method that my husband and I felt comfortable with and by night 2 our daughter slept through the night with only 1 wake for a feed.  This was amazing to us as previously she would wake up every 20 mins to an hour and the only way I could get her back to sleep was nursing.

Now she falls asleep on her own, she is a much happier and well rested baby and is even napping on her own during the day.  The first morning we went in to see her she was so happy and you could tell that she was proud of the new skill she had learnt.  Everyone in our household is much more rested.  My only regret is that we did not do it sooner.

Joleen is so caring and I loved that I never felt judged by her for any of my beliefs.  I couldn’t have done it without her and would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their baby’s quality of sleep.

Erin and Jesse, British Columbia

“You have changed our family’s life!”

I don’t even know where to start. I want to say a HUGE thank you for these last two weeks. You truly are amazing at what you do! I just want to thank you for being so kind, supportive & patient with all of our emails, questions and concerns! We are so happy to have heard of your services, you have changed our family’s life 🙂 everyone is happier and more rested. I’m shocked how far Ridley has come in the last 2 weeks and we’re so proud of him!  Thank you again for everything Joleen we appreciate everything you’ve done.

Jenna & Wade S., Manitoba

“My daughter is happy when we put her to bed!”

I just wanted to thank you! You helped us out with a sleep plan when my now 15 month old daughter was 5 months old. We have taken the principles to heart and have kept up healthy sleeping habits since then. There have been those predictable bumps on the road (illness, teething, 2-1 nap transition) but we have gotten through them by sticking to an early bedtime and being consistent with our routine and understanding sleep! This last week, my daughter has been happily saying “bye bye” to us when we put her down to bed at night. How wonderful! Thanks so much!

Well-Rested Mama

“An Amazing Transformation!”

We were hesitant to contact a sleep consultant because we thought that we could just figure it out on our own. But working with Joleen has made a huge impact! It’s an amazing transformation from getting up with our 6 month old daughter 6-8 times a night and dealing with random 20-45 minute naps, to now having her sleep through the night 95% of the time, and take 3 naps throughout the day.

It’s a wonderful feeling to put my daughter to bed and be able to spend time with my husband. Then, to be able to sleep through the night until the alarm goes off- I never knew how excited I would be to do that!

The entire process was worth every penny that we paid for it and my husband and I both recommend your services to anyone we encounter who is having sleep issues with their children.

Happy Mom and Dad, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“We have a baby who sleeps better, eats better and is generally just happier overall!”

Our 11 month has learned how to fall asleep on her own and self soothe at night and fall back asleep without crying out for us. I have much more energy now that I’m not getting up 4-5 times a night and it wasn’t as painful as I feared and the reward has been great. We have a baby who sleeps better, eats better and is generally just happier overall.

Crystal D., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“We have our evenings back to ourselves!”

Right from day one, we struggled with getting our daughter to sleep. For her first two and a half years, we would spend literally hours each night trying to help her fall asleep. We had no time to ourselves because it was so late by the time she would finally fall asleep and we were completely exhausted!

After hearing about Baby Sleep 101, we figured we had nothing to lose, and decided to ask Joleen to work with us. This is the best decision we could have made! After meeting us and getting to know us a little bit, Joleen created a sleep plan for us to follow. She listened to our concerns, answered any questions we might have had, and provided ongoing support, encouragement, and advice every day for three weeks.

As we followed Joleen’s sleep plan, we saw changes in our daughter’s ability to settle to sleep very quickly. She now has a solid sleep routine and is able to fall asleep on her own every night. We now have a happier, more well rested daughter and have our evenings back to ourselves!

Jim and Katrina

“We can’t believe how well your sleep plan
and advice worked!”

I would like to tell you how much we appreciate your help with all of this. We can’t believe how well your sleep plan and advice worked for our little guy. You definitely know what you are talking about. A big thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

We will recommend your business to anyone we hear of that needs help in the baby sleep department!!!

Kim C. and Sam (11 months), Brandon, Manitoba

“Joleen has made a huge difference
in our quality of life.”

Like many parents, we were feeling exhausted and unsure of what route to take with the sleep problems my 10 month old son was going through. He was waking up 4 times a night, and required me to rock/bounce/nurse him for long periods of time to get him back to sleep. I was barely functioning, and I had a three year old to look after as well.

I was feeling a lot of guilt about whether or not to try sleep training with him, and part of me felt that if he needed me that much at night I should just suck it up and be there for him, no matter how exhausted everyone was. After starting with Joleen, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that what my son had really “needed” was to be well rested. Within the first week we saw huge changes in his personality, he was happy, much less likely to fuss, and we couldn’t get over how much better he was nursing and eating.

I was impressed that with some simple tweaks to our day time routine (that were easy enough to implement), the actual night-time sleep training went far smoother and resulted in far less crying than I had anticipated. Within three days my child was sleeping 12 hours through the night with only one minor wake-up…and he settled himself back to sleep no problem when that happened.

Joleen has made a huge difference in our quality of life. Through working with her we have a better understanding of our child’s sleep, and feel more confident in our ability to deal with any bumps in the sleep road we may face ahead.

Aynsley K.

“We started to see improvement after the
very first phone call!”

I stumbled upon an ad for a sleep seminar put on by Joleen when our son was 3 ½ months old. At the time, he was having short naps and night time sleep stretches of two hours or less. We were exhausted and frustrated that we couldn’t seem to figure out the solution to turn his sleep troubles around. The sleep books just didn’t address many of the issues that cropped up when we were trying their sleep methods.

I went to Joleen’s seminar and was impressed with how she responded to the many questions that came up during the Q&A. We purchased one of her sleep plan packages and started to see improvement after the very first phone call we had with Joleen. We followed Joleen’s recommendations closely, kept her up to date with our son’s sleep journal and Joleen was with us every step of the way to troubleshoot any issues that came up. She made suggestions on where to change things to address different issues, we implemented those changes and we saw positive results.

Our son is now 9 months old and has been sleeping through the night for a few months already, and by that I mean he sleeps from 6:00 at night until 7:00 in the morning! He naps twice a day and, while some of them are still 45 minute naps, each week he seems to have more naps that are an hour and a half or longer. Where he used to cry when he was put in his crib for nap and bedtime, he now appears thrilled especially when we hand him his little stuffed animal. This was some of the best money we have spent since our son was born. It was worth every penny!

Kim M., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Everyone is much more rested and happier
—it’s truly changed our lives!”

My husband and I always had trouble getting our daughter to sleep. By 8 months, we were struggling to get by on 4 half-hour naps a day, with no consistency in the time of naps or places she would sleep. Nights were difficult too. She was waking up 3 or 4 times a night to feed, and sometimes she would be awake for a few hours. Then she would be up for the day at 4:30 or 5am! Everyone was tired and unhappy, and we decided we had to do something to change the situation.

My husband and I read books and researched on the internet, but we were overwhelmed with all of the different advice and methods out there. We couldn’t agree on how to proceed. We needed help! Luckily we found Joleen to save us. She talked with us and became familiar with our situation and what we were comfortable with, then she made a plan that was specifically suited for us to meet our goals. With a plan of action to follow and Joleen’s support, we had the confidence to start making changes. It was hard at the beginning, but Joleen was always there to provide positive feedback, helpful advice or suggestions to keep us on track.

Our daughter now goes to sleep on her own and gets 2 one-hour naps a day, which is amazing for her! Nights have improved the most, and bedtime is now very easy. At nighttime, she only wakes up once to eat and sleeps until 6:30 or 7am. It’s such a great feeling to wake up and hear her chatting away in her crib instead of crying! Everyone is much more rested and happier—it’s truly changed our lives!

I’m very thankful for Joleen and I would recommend Joleen’s services to anyone looking for more peaceful days and nights.

S.B., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I wasn’t comfortable with letting my daughter
cry and panic on her own.”

Right from the start my daughter did not sleep well in her crib. Co-sleeping worked for us for a while, but at 6 months she was still waking every half hour-two hours to nurse. I knew she didn’t need to feed that frequently, and we were both in desperate need of some longer stretches of sleep. It was time to transition to her crib, and teach her how to fall asleep on her own.

I had read so many books, all with conflicting methods, each claiming they were the best for your child. I wasn’t comfortable with letting my daughter cry and panic on her own, but beyond that, I was lost on what to do.

Joleen was the savior that I needed. After taking extensive time to read over my daughter’s profile/habits, and speaking with me on what I was comfortable with, she developed a detailed plan of action on how to achieve the goals I had outlined.

It was difficult at first, and Joleen was there to coach me through the hardest times, answer my questions, give guidance and give me the confidence I needed to continue. I whole-heartedly believe that I would not have been able to do it without her. Her kindness and compassion kept me going, and every time I spoke with her or received an e-mail, I felt so much better and renewed in my goals.

My daughter now sleeps at regular nap times, for 60-90 minutes solid. She sleeps for longer stretches at night, and I only feed her twice (sometimes once!) in the early hours of the morning. She is back asleep in minutes, and so am I. My daughter went from lying on her back, screaming and crying in her crib, to falling asleep on her own peacefully. She now wakes up in the morning chatting to herself and smiling, rather than crying. We are both better rested, and I truly feel that I am a better mother to my daughter. We are happier during our waking hours, and peaceful at night.

I can’t express my gratitude enough, and would recommend Joleen and her services to anyone looking for guidance, and a good night’s rest for them and their child.

Jane S., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I needed some real advice from someone who
knew what I was going through.”

When my husband and I contacted Joleen our 8 month old son was having inconsistent naps. He was rarely getting 1 hour of nap time sleep a day between his two naps. We had tried some of the recommendations of “No cry sleep training” books but it wasn’t really working. I needed some real advice from someone who knew what I was going through and who could work with my comfort level. After finding Joleen I was so excited to start sleep training.

She was amazing! We had to complete a questionnaire to help her get an understanding of what we were doing. She was so patient, caring, supportive and empathetic. It felt like every suggestion she made was perfect for our son and he responded to her knowledge. She knew what we were going through. Any time I had a question, Joleen answered promptly with valuable suggestions. It really helped me figure out what I was doing wrong.

Now, our son goes easily down for naps and sleeps consistently for an hour to 1.5 hours per nap. What a relief! I found that when he napped well during the day it even helped his sleeping at night. Working with Joleen was everything I needed that I couldn’t get from books or the Internet; a real person that could help me get the rest that my child and my family couldn’t get without her. She is a priceless savior for anyone who needs to get some sleep.

Laura T., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I learned so much from you during
our support time!”

I think Liam (and us!) have FINALLY figured out this whole sleeping thing.  He is now such an easy going baby all around.

My husband recently commented looking at some photos of him at 8/9 months (just before we started your support with the sleep plan) how his eyes looked tired, at 10 months he was looking a bit better and at 11 months he actually started to look good. We just had his first birthday party on Saturday. I am now able to tell others what a good sleeper he is.

I learned so much from you during our support time. You are a great support!

Lisa, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“We’re better rested and can cope much easier now
with the challenges of having twins.”

We were worried that our babies wouldn’t be the norm and that for whatever reason the training wouldn’t work and it would have been a waste.

But our boys are sleeping the night and it’s getting more and more consistently. We used to get up every hour with them so this is HUGE. They’ve also gone from demanding a bottle every hour to just having one once a night and are sleeping better during the day (most days) and are in way better moods overall.

We are starting to feel like human beings again and are functioning so much better. It was quite depressing for a while there when we didn’t see the end to our sleepless nights. We’re better rested and can cope much easier now with the challenges of having twins and we’re able to “live” again. We’re having friends over for dinner and even going on dates again.

We’re able to enjoy our babies so much more and that’s such a wonderful thing!

Julie A. (Mom of twins), Winnipeg, Manitoba


“Our lives have totally changed for the better and
we are finally getting regular sleep.”

We highly recommend Joleen and Baby Sleep 101! Our daughter was two and a half years old and still not sleeping through the night. We were up with her anywhere from 2 to 10 times per night, and she still wanted a bottle.

Joleen developed a plan with sleeping through the night being our main goal. Her support was invaluable, and she coached and encouraged us every step of the way. We waited a couple of months to write a testimonial because we could not believe that our daughter was actually sleeping through the night and taking regular naps in the day! Today she is happy, well-rested, and proud of knowing how to go to sleep like a big girl. Our lives have totally changed for the better and we are finally getting regular sleep.

We recommend Baby Sleep 101 to any parents we know that are struggling.

N. B., Winnipeg, Manitoba

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