Toddler Comprehensive

Sleep Consultation Package


Maybe right now…

You’re constantly up at night taking your child back to their own bed.

You end up allowing them to sleep beside you because you’re EXHAUSTED and need to get up for work the next day.

You can’t get your child to nap at home (even though she is clearly tired).

Yet you’re told by her daycare that she goes to sleep happily and easily.

Your child needs you to lie down with him.

You count the minutes until you can sneak away, knowing that if you move too early, you’ll be in his room even longer.

You have a new baby that needs your attention,

but you are beyond stressed out trying to balance both children.

Every sleep period is a battle.

You’ve resorted to bribes (which you hate) but you’re desperate and don’t know what else to do.

In short, you’ve had enough

Enough of the drama, the bedtime battles, the bags under your eyes and your child’s.

Enough of waiting for your child to outgrow their sleep issues.

Enough of not having energy for the rest of your family, your work commitments or to even take care of yourself.

You want, no NEED to help your child learn to sleep better.

But don’t worry, mama — this is the part where I help you!


Toddler Comprehensive

Sleep Consultation Package


This is for parents of children ages 12 months-5 years whose children are facing multiple sleep issues for an extended period of time. You need a sleep expert to make sense of it all, give you a plan and support you each day as you work toward your goal.

What’s Included:

checkmark A digital intake form and sleep log so I can get to know your child’s sleep history, current routine, and any concerns you have

checkmark 1-hour phone consultation where we’ll discuss your child’s sleep issues and current sleep needs. I’ll educate you on the reasons why your little one is having troubles and provide you with the information you need to teach your child great sleep habits based on his individual needs.

checkmark A fully personalized sleep plan that will include everything discussed on our call plus additional suggestions to get your child sleeping better than ever!

checkmark Two weeks of telephone and daily email support so I can provide you with the encouragement you need and answer any questions you have as you help your child transition to a new and improved sleep routine.

checkmark Four 15-minute phone calls during week one and a daily email on the days without phone calls

checkmark Two email exchanges per day during week two

checkmark Daily review and assessment of sleep logs for the full two weeks

Plus these bonuses:

checkmark Once we’re finished, you’ll be given my ‘Sleep Resource Guide’ which addresses the most popular questions you may have once our training has concluded.

checkmark Private Access to small add on packages that are only available for previous clients, should you want to fine tune any

The Comprehensive Package Is Right For You If:

  • Your child is between 1 and 5 years of age
  • You recognize that healthy sleep habits are essential for her physical, mental and emotional development
  • You want to see progress within the first week of implementation
  • You recognize that your child is tired and will protest changes, but that her sleep needs take priority and you are ready to commit to a plan.
  • You have several weeks in a row that are free from appointments, travel or any interruptions.
  • Your support system (spouse/partner) and caregivers are fully supportive with instilling healthy sleep habits.
  • You have confirmed with your pediatrician that sleep training is suitable.

The Comprehensive Package Is NOT Right For You If:

  • Your child is younger than 1 year of age (please see the Baby Consultations)
  • You are very uncomfortable when your child protests or cries
  • You are in the middle of potty training
  • You are uncomfortable with following a plan
  • You do not have several weeks in a row that are free from appointments, travel, house guests, etc.
  • Your support system doesn’t believe instilling healthy sleep habits are important or that you need outside help
  • Your pediatrician has indicated that sleep training is not suitable at this time.

How It Works:

  1. Click to purchase.
  2. Once your order is placed and payment is received, you’ll receive a link to fill out your intake form and welcome package.
  3. We’ll contact you within 24 hours of receiving your intake form to schedule our call!
  4. We have our call, you receive your sleep plan, and after two weeks of support and encouragement, everyone in your house will be sleeping better!

Please note: Separate consults are required if you need advice for more than one child, with the exception of multiples! Refunds cannot be issued once a sleep plan has been sent.

Toddler Comprehensive

Sleep Consultation Package

Investment: $349

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