Toddler Sleep:
Routines + Schedules

This is the place to start, to help your toddler sleep better.


Ah, the toddler years.

Full of fresh discoveries and exciting milestones. Every day can be a new adventure….

But when it comes to sleep, and the lights turn off…a different kind of adventure begins. One that leaves you exhausted, without even leaving your house. It’s the adventure of the toddler bedtime.

Which means…Your toddler won’t fall asleep without a battle.

Instead of having some downtime, you find yourself in their room, coaxing, convincing and negotiating with them to close their eyes.

Every nap, every bedtime; a battle ensues leaving you wondering how to fix it.

Longer or shorter nap? Or no nap at all?

Earlier bedtime? Later bedtime?

No bedtime? (Kidding, but you wonder if it’d be easier!)

You know your child is tired and you know sleep is essential for healthy growth and development.

But yet you can’t get them to settle to sleep easily.


If this sounds familiar, I have the solution…

Toddler Sleep: Routines and Schedules Ebook

A comprehensive, yet easy-to-read guide, founded on the science of sleep, and healthy sleep best practices.

This ebook features all the foundational pieces you need to have a great sleeper;

from sleep hygiene basics to sleep schedules and routines-all for children ages one through four.

In it you will find easy-to-understand explanations about how sleep works, the four foundations for deep sleep, and a large selection of sleep schedules for every stage.

While this is not a sleep training guide, it IS the essential component you need in place if you’re thinking about sleep training.

In fact, this may be all that you need!

Toddler Sleep: Schedules and Routines Ebook:

What’s included:

checkmarkSleep Science: Understand what can you expect from this age group. What’s realistic and biologically age-appropriate?

checkmarkSleep Habits: Discover the four main components that a child must have to sleep well.

checkmarkSleep Needs: How much sleep does your child need? Learn different ways to find out.

checkmarkRoom Environment: What’s best to encourage sleep? Night lights? Fans? Sleep sacks? I’ll tell you what the science says.

checkmarkWind Down Routine: Learn ways to encourage your child to settle to sleep. Quickly. Easily. Smoothly.

checkmarkTimetables: Suggestions for how to properly time your child’s nap according to their age and sleep rhythms.


Schedules: Complete day schedules that include naps and and bedtime for ages one to four years of age.

checkmark Nap Transition Signs: Watch for the tell-tale signs that your child is biologically ready to drop a nap.

checkmarkNap Transition Tips: Dropping a nap can have a huge impact on sleep. Learn how to best manage it.

checkmark Plus more!


You may find yourself…

  • Confused on where to start to fix the situation
  • Constantly guessing and trying to find the “right” schedule
  • Unsure if your child needs to shorten their nap, drop a nap or change bedtime
  • Asking friends, relatives and Google for their ideas
  • Feeling exhausted every day, and dreading each sleep period


It can be confusing, but I’m here to help and tell you…

  • The correct schedule is the foundation for a great sleeper!
  • Sleep needs change, but matching sleep schedules with sleep needs = sleep success.
  • Knowing what to look for can help you determine when to change naps and bedtimes.
  • Suggestions based on the science of sleep, not Google, works with your child’s body and brain
  • You can have your life back (and have enough energy to keep up with your toddler).


Put an end to the uncertainty about nap times and the stress at bedtime. 

As a mom of three kids myself, I know that the days can feel long.

And I know they can feel even longer when you can’t rely on a nap or bedtime to be an easy and enjoyable time.

Your child doesn’t feel their best and you spend valuable time running in and out of their room, trying to help them to sleep.

While your toddler is going to have some big milestones and some big emotions, let sleep be the calm in the storm.

Get your copy of Toddler Sleep: Schedule and Routines today and find the perfect schedule for your child. You also get:

  • Direction. A plan on how to move forward, regardless on the age of your child (one, two or even four years old).
  • Reassurance and confidence. An expert giving you quality, science-based advice, not opinion based.
  • Relief. Finally, the answers you need, all in one easy-to-follow guide.
  • Time. Stop spending hours on Google or Facebook groups searching endlessly for answers…. it’s all in the book.
  • Relaxation. Have time to relax and recharge, while your child drifts to sleep peacefully.

The Toddler Years are an adventure, but sleep doesn’t have to be! Get your Toddler Sleep ebook today!

Toddler Sleep: Routines and Schedules

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