The Newborn Nap Guide

Debunking Newborn Sleep Myths and Stereotypes

(one former exhausted parent to another)


Dear New Mom…

Congratulations! Bringing home a new family member is an emotional, fantastic, and beautiful time. There is joy, laughter, and happiness all around as you picture your baby’s future…

But once the balloons deflate, the out-of-town guests return home, and you start to go about to your normal life… one big obstacle stands in your way.


Your sweet bundle of joy doesn’t seem to want to shut their gorgeous eyes and nap… ever.

But the truth is, newborn sleep issues, especially naps, have been widely normalized. So much so, that you may even feel ashamed to be reading this page.

Other parents seem to talk about the bags under their eyes like a right of passage. “That’s just the way it is!”, they say (while secretly wondering what they would have to do to get away with a mid-morning nap).


But deep down, you know that can’t be the case, right? Babies need to sleep during the day.

You know there has to be another way…

Because this sleep deprivation has you feeling disconnected with your baby, frustrated with everything, and wondering if you could ever do this again.

You may find yourself…

  • Not being able to get your baby to nap unless you’re holding them.
  • Accidentally waking your baby up when you do try to place them down.
  • Frantically searching Facebook groups for newborn nap advice – all the while wondering if your situation is “normal”.
  • Feeling disconnected from your sweet baby because you can’t seem to comfort or soothe them.
  • Being embarrassed when others ask how it’s going.
  • Above all, being worried that your little one isn’t getting the rest they need – because you sure aren’t.

If you take one thing away from this page, take this: You are not alone.

And I don’t just mean that you are not alone in your new baby’s nap struggles. I mean that you are not alone in facing the myths, insecurities, and stigma that surround newborn sleep.

I faced them too, and I’m here to set the record straight:

  • It’s not “just the way it is”  
  • It’s not your fault
  • It can be fixed
  • You can have your life back (and enjoy your sweet bundle of joy)

See, my beautiful daughter was perfect in every way but one — her SLEEP schedule. And man, did that wear me down.

In fact, her sleep problems led to the first year of her life being a constant battle. I came to the point where I didn’t want more kids because I felt so depressed. I would wake up at multiple times a night (and early morning), nurse her back to sleep, and think, “I could never do this again”.

On top of it all, I was scared to reach out for help. I felt ashamed… like I failed as a parent.

But after awhile, I finally hit my breaking point and got an expert’s assistance. I was on maternity leave, with not a lot of money to throw around, but the situation was dire… So I reached out for help.

And the help I got was literally life changing.

My daughter became an excellent sleeper, and I was able to get a break, and SLEEP. P.S. and I went on to have another child. 

The chaos in my world finally subsided.

  • I started cooking healthy meals again.
  • I started taking bubble baths again.
  • I started hanging out with my girlfriends again.   
  • I started seeing a bright future again.

My journey was so impactful that I quit teaching elementary school to become a sleep consultant. Now, I have been a pediatric sleep consultant, certified through the Family Sleep Institute, for over 6 years. I have a Bachelor in Education, a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education, and two kids of my own. I’m also the Western Canadian Representative for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, as well as a Mentor for new consultants.

As a new mom, I know you are scared, frustrated, and exhausted. I know you have popped Google open more times than times your baby has taken a long nap. I know you have desperately searched Facebook groups for newborn nap tips at 3am.

I was there… and now I’m here to lead you out.

I wrote this Newborn Nap Guidebook for you.

The truth is, Facebook groups and online newborn forums won’t give you what you’re searching for.

They will overwhelm you with “options”, leave you wondering who is right, and offer more stress than peace.

I know, because that’s what they did to me.

What you need is a concrete, proven plan, from someone who’s been there. You need an expert to help you, and that’s what I’m offering.

What you get with the Newborn Nap Guidebook:

  • Clarity. Understand what is normal, what you have to wait out, and what you can fix.
  • Direction. A plan on how to move forward, regardless on the age of your newborn (one, two or three months old).
  • Reassurance and confidence. An expert giving you quality, science-based advice, not opinion based.
  • Options. You are given multiple strategies on how to help your baby, depending on the problem, to help naps lengthen.
  • Relief. Kick stress to the curb because you now have concrete guidelines to follow.
  • Time. Stop spending hours on Google or Facebook groups searching endlessly for answers…. it’s all in the book.
  • Relaxation. Actually enjoy your newborn, maternity leave, and settle in your role as a new mom.

You can never get this time with your newborn back, new parent… isn’t it time you started enjoying it?

You don’t need to accept that you “just have a fussy, colicky baby”. You don’t have to suffer through months of trying to just get through this phase.

Very often, there are specific reasons for a child not napping well, even at this young age. This book will help you to identify those reasons.

Now, you may be thinking, “Am I going to have to do sleep training? I’ve heard that it’s too early, and I don’t want my child to cry-it-out!”

No, it is, and they won’t.

This isn’t about sleep training. This is about making sure your baby is getting the rest they need for proper growth and development.

This book gives you an over-view per month of age-appropriate routines, along with what actions you can take each month to foster naps while your baby’s sensitive sleep patterns are emerging. 

This gives you concrete direction on where to go and how to proceed. Plus, it helps to cut down on the confusion of what is normal and what you can actively change.

Here’s the deal…

I have been through many problems with my own two kids, so I intimately understand having a very fussy baby, feeding issues, breastfeeding pain, and trying to manage a toddler and a baby.

I wrote the Newborn Nap Guidebook after years of helping parents who were prepared for some sleepless nights with a newborn, but felt surprised and frustrated to have a baby that didn’t easily nap during the day.

Once you purchase the book, I am also available for follow up, so you are never alone. I do free Q&As on FB, and have the opportunity to book a follow up call.

What’s included:

checkmarkA Month-by-Month Guide on How to Establish Naps

checkmarkTips For Getting Your Newborn to Nap in a Crib or Bassinet

checkmarkAge Appropriate Wake Times and Routines for Each Month

checkmarkA Month-by-Month Guide on Milestones and How They Impact Sleep

checkmarkHow to Help a Baby Who Will Only Nap on a Parent

checkmarkHow to Lengthen Short Naps,

checkmarkWhat to Do About Day and Night Confusion, Reflux, Colic, etc.

checkmarkFeeding and How Issues like Tongue and Lip Ties Affect Sleep

checkmarkAnd Much More!

You’ve tried other things (that didn’t work), so don’t you owe this proven solution to yourself and your baby?

The Newborn Nap Guide

New Parent Sleep Resource eBook

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