Baby (4-12 Months)

Sleep Consultation Package


What would your life be like if you could…
  • Have some “me time” every day while your baby naps? Enough for true relaxation; a hot bubble bath, or even taking a nap yourself.


  • Have a solid night’s sleep? Sleeping-for hours-in a row.


  • Had peace of mind about your baby’s sleep? No more worrying about if they’re getting enough rest.


  • Had a consistent routine? The anxiety of not knowing what to expect would be gone.




Sounds amazing, right? Maybe too good to be true?

Good news; it’s not just a dream, it can be reality!
This is the part where I help you!

Baby Sleep 101 Consultations are individualized sessions where I work 1:1 with you to accomplish one goal: for your child (and you!) to get a good night sleep.





Baby Comprehensive

Sleep Consultation Package


This two-week package is for parents that are ready to make quick changes, implement strategies that offer more direct results. They are comfortable following a plan and want mid-level support.

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